Dirty Dishes in the Sink, Ugh! The Blog Outline.

dishe in the sink feeling

In the first blog post Hello World: Explaining the Dishes in the Kitchen Sink Feeling, we highlighted the 2 ways to deal with that overwhelming feeling that your life is out of control. This blog is structured around all things dishes and crockery to bring you various kitchen sink and hot cuppa after stories.

We pinpointed how to not care if there are dirty dishes in the sink, by realizing that:

  • There’s someone else’s sink that is worse than yours;
  • You will get to it eventually, even if it’s because the house stinks;
  • Life never stopped because someone saw your kitchen sink in a mess;
  • Are there any benefits to beating yourself up about this? What are the consequences anyway?
  • Actually, EVERYONE understands this feeling and situation.

Agreed! Sometimes we need to put things into context and acknowledge that there may be more pressing things at the moment to deal with than the dishes but here are some considerations if we ignore that nagging feeling which the different sections of this blog cover.

1. Should I beat myself up over this and are there any consequences?

Most definitely there are consequences. Besides the smell and health hazards, ask your self, who is immediately and directly affected…Certainly those in your proximity: Your immediate family. Sure your wife or husband is a dodo for not helping you do the dishes when they need to be done but guess what, someone usually has the responsibility of doing the dishes and if you continuously leave them undone, it kills the romance. To make matters worse if you both can not communicate your feelings, frustration and anger builds… As your family grows with more children, aging parents, relatives etc, there will only be more dishes to clean… Follow the section “By Candelight…” for stories of being a wife, mother, sister and daughter… How do you perform this delicate balance of keeping your head above ground and your home in order?

2. You will get to it eventually and nothing bad ever happened.

There are so many things happening in our world today. We feel so overwhelmed by daily life that we take a blind eye to what’s going on be it in the field of science, politics, health, education. We barely talk anymore about real things as we stay hyper connected on our phones and laptops dramatizing trivia and dumbing ourselves down. Do something about your general and current affairs knowledge and become informed. Follow the section “Discussions Over Dinner” to find views on the latest topics and next big ideas. Do your civic duty as an empowered and free person and add your comments to the dialogue.

3. Others are worse than me and everyone knows this feeling.

It’s true that if we compare horror stories, we will see that we are not so bad. But, the flip side is that we will also see that we are worse off than someone else. The fact is that we can all help and we all need help. When we hear the stories of others we must empathize and not judge. Follow the section “Sharing the Meat” to read stories about good works people are doing to help others in the Montreal community and a far and also to find people in need of help too!

That first blog post also highlighted the strategies for overcoming the dishes in the kitchen sink feeling, focused on taking back control of your situation. However:

4. People don’t like to be controlled.

The fact that I have dirty dishes everyday makes me feel trapped, but guess what so long as I enjoy the eating and discussions every day the cleaning comes with it!! So importantly you need to ask the question what is controlling you now and what are you happy with to control you as we are all controlled by something? In other words, “what is your daily bread?” How do you feed your mind spiritually? Christ is at the Center of my life (as an objective) but that comes with its own challenges in this information age…am I naive to believe In God, is religion a relic of colonialism, or are there fruits to being a child of God? Follow the section ‘Our Daily Bread” for scriptures, readings and difficult questions about faith…Maybe we can help each other answer them from our faith perspective whatever our religion.

5. Success stories and when nothing seems to work.

Follow the “Tasty Bites and a Cuppa After” stories to read powerful stories of wonder and words of inspiration to get you through the difficult days and to lead you to the right sources of help when a hot cuppa and a cake doesn’t make you feel any better.

You can expect this blog to be updated at least every Sunday, though sometimes it may be more frequent!

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