Hello World! Explaining that Dishes in the Kitchen Sink Feeling


Fact of life, there will always be Dirty Dishes in the Kitchen Sink, but…

Why do I feel like a bad person because I still have yesterday’s (last week’s) dirty dishes in the sink?


  • It makes me feel overwhelmed and dirty;
  • It makes me feel I’m not on top of my life;
  • It makes me feel ashamed because everyone else’s kitchen (read: life) looks great!


Feelings are not facts! There’s often a big difference between what you subjectively feel and what is objectively real.

Therefore, there are two ways of looking at this “Problem of the Criterion” which I call the Dishes in the Kitchen Sink Feeling!

1) How to not care if there are dirty dishes in the sink. Realize that:

  • There’s someone else’s sink that is worse than yours;
  • You will get to it eventually, even if it’s because the house stinks;
  • Life never stopped because someone saw your kitchen sink in a mess;
  • Are there any benefits to beating yourself up about this?
  • Actually, EVERYONE understands this feeling and situation.

2) How to move beyond dirty dishes in sink – The strategies;

  • Doing it tomorrow (or right now if you can!);
  • Put the dishes on the counter and keep the sink clear;
  • Kitchen sink organization – buy all the gadgets out there;
  • Renovate and Invest: Get a bigger sink and a dishwasher;
  • Get a cleaner, God knows you need one!

Remember though, our emotions can also act as triggers to make a change…Use your feelings to push you outside your comfort zone..When those dishes are finally done, think of the cake and hot cup of your favorite drink afterwards!

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3 Responses to Hello World! Explaining that Dishes in the Kitchen Sink Feeling

  1. Prithviraj Sharma says:

    I like your point no. 1 . They could be applied to our everyday problems. All depends on how you interpret them !


  2. Raïssa Ntouba says:

    I know that feeling. The problem is, when you get use to the dirty dishes, you don’t even see them anymore. I use to say “it’s not a big deal” (denial), until I found myself in a mess so deep I couldn’t even remember how I got in.
    Learning how to stop postponing the cleaning, so I can enjoy a hot relaxing tea in peace.


  3. Tatiana says:

    I can definetly related to this, as sometimes we put pressure on ourselves that may not be necessary; and the real challenge is to accept the fact that it’s ok to have “dishes in the sink” and once we’ve accepted that fact, all the things that looked impossible to achieve suddently became more “approchable”


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